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Jennifer Diehl

Meet the Artist
July 9th 2:00-4:00PM
Reception in Her Honor

July 1 - July 31, 2017

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Please join us for a reception in honor of Jennifer Diehl as she creates one of her beautiful light filled scenes right before our eyes. We are very privilaged to feature this talented and award winning artist at the gallery every year.

Jennifer wants to live in a world where travel is instantaneous, time at the easel and with her family are both limitless, and pots and pans dance their own way to the sink and back into the cupboards.

While these things seem to be something she may have to wait to experience, she has wasted no time in the real world. Having known her passion since she could say the word “artist,” her whole life has been spent pushing towards that goal. Her artist parents taught her how to think about art, but sent her to learn the practice of it from her mentor, Henry Stinson. Jennifer studied with him until she was 18, and then her career began with her first show.....a Mother/Daughter debut. Since then, Jennifer has won numerous awards, shows in galleries/exhibitions around the country, and teaches what she knows to students who, like her, are students of art.

Jennifer has taken workshops from many well-known artists and worked hard to learn what they had to give, never wanting to stall in her artistic development. Even with her last painting, she wants to be exploring new ways to convey her thoughts and feelings without words.