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Janine Bainter
Japanese Sumi-e Brush Painting

Meet the Artist
March 5th 2:00-4:00PM
Artcard Demonstration

March 5 - March 5, 2017

_b_Janine Bainter_br_Japanese Sumi-e Brush Painting

Watch Janine Bainter write a painting and paint a poem using the traditional Japanese Sumi-e style of brush and black ink painting on paper.

Janine began learning the art of Sumi-e almost 40 years ago. Her first teacher was an older Japanese woman and she soon fell in love with the culture and started learning Japanese.

The simplicity and elegance of Sumi-e has recently found expression in her charming artcards. Her passion continues to inform her art and her dreams.

Her artist's statement:

“Creating art in a studio surrounded by beautiful gardens and bamboo allows me to express myself freely.  Growing up on a ranch, I was able to observe nature from a vast perspective allowing insightful observations of nature's breathtaking forms.”