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Jon Jay Cruson

Jon Jay Cruson


In 1967 , I graduated with Honors with a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing, Printmaking and Painting from the University of Oregon. After teaching for a short while at the University of Oregon, Treasure Valley Community College, and Oregon State University I quit teaching to become a fulltime painter and printmaker. 
Over the past 45 years my interest has taken my work in different directions in printmaking, drawing and painting.  Images – subjects have varied.  More recently I have made many short trips to Northeastern Oregon, Southeastern Washington and Northern California.  There I rediscovered the vast spaces, clear skies and landscapes of my childhood.  They exhilarate, inspire, and liberate me. In the open country, the patterns, shapes and colors, they are all there.  Back in the studio, it all comes together with the play of the elements, transferring, assembling and incorporating them in their own particular way.