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Janelle Loewen

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Janelle  Loewen VanDuzer Road Trip
VanDuzer Road Trip
22 x 28 in
$ 895

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Janelle  Loewen

Janelle Loewen

Janelle Loewen Biography

As is the case with most serious artists, Jannelle has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her formal training was in creative arts at Portland State University. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Washington (Society, Ethics and Human Behavior). She has taken various art classes and workshops, but believes an artist learns most by spending time in the studio every day, working and experimenting with different ideas and techniques. 

Loewen has garnered many awards from Northwest juried shows. In particular, she is a past winner of the annual GM Nameplate Art Poster contest and was given the Art Commissioner’s Award at the Montlake Terrace of the Arts Juried Show and won first place in the 2008 San Francisco Writer’s Conference Contest for Children’s Fiction and Illustration. When she isn’t involved with art meetings and activities, hiking or with family you will find her concentrating on work in the studio.

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