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Gary Buhler

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Gary  Buhler Deer Renaissance
Deer Renaissance
43 x 49 in
$ 3,500
Gary  Buhler Aquatic Veil
Aquatic Veil
28 x 50 x 2 in
$ 2,800
Gary  Buhler
Red Pine #2
24 x 31 in
$ 1,400
Gary  Buhler Sonora Stream
Sonora Stream
26 x 49 in
$ 2,750
Gary  Buhler
Blue Water
50 x 31 in
Gary  Buhler Impression Stream
Impression Stream
61 x 33 in
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Gary  Buhler

Gary Buhler

Gary Buhler Biography

Gary Buhler was born in Adak, Alaska, and grew up in the Pacific Northwest.   He showed an aptitude for drawing at an early age and eventually went on to study art at Judson Baptist College and Art Education at Western Oregon University.  Gary completed his studies with an MFA degree in Painting from the University of Arizona.   His beautiful home-state of Oregon, as well as his adopted home-state of Arizona, have inspired much of his work.  Gary continues to live and work in Newberg, Oregon, where he teaches art half time at George Fox University. Along with his love of God’s creation and long-time pursuit of landscape painting, he has developed a love for historic neighborhoods and architecture and much of his current work is inspired by that passion.  His studio and home are in a 1923 commercial building in downtown Newberg that he has been restoring. 

The many forms of beauty in the created world have inspired me for a long time.  In my landscapes I seek to interpret the unspoken voice of God and my Urban Landscapes celebrate the community, mystery, and atmosphere of historic neighborhoods.  I seek to honor God through this work, expressing feeling about beauty by creating art that in a small way, imitates the Great Creator’s work.

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