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Dorothy Hagerty

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Dorothy  Hagerty Dozing in Daisies
Dozing in Daisies
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Dorothy  Hagerty

Dorothy Hagerty

Dorothy Hagerty Biography

In 1979, Dorothy went back to school and obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and a Master of Fine Arts from Oregon State University. In 1985, she earned her Ph.D. in Architecture from OSU with her thesis focused on the architecture and interior design of medieval manor houses of Britain, traveling overseas for her research. In 1985, she was hired to create the Bachelor of Arts program at Bassist College in Portland, now The Art Institute. In 1989, she started her own interior design business, D. Hagerty Interiors, that continued until her passing. Dorothy was known as a passionate and brilliant painter and artist for over 50 years. With oil and canvas as her primary mediums, she painted landscapes, abstracts and was famously known for her colorful impressionist floral pieces. Her treasured pieces not only adorn the walls of family and friends, but can also be found at banks, churches and offices around the state and country. Dorothy was able to help support her children's college education through the sales of her paintings. Dorothy also had a love for travel. She was one of the owners and founders of Pathfinder Travel Agency in Corvallis and over her life was able to travel to many different countries and even explored the Galapagos Islands and Amazon rainforest with her son, John. Traveling through time, Dorothy dove fearlessly into genealogy, researching her family history back to the 12th century and contacting distant relatives from around the world. Dorothy will be remembered as a sweet and caring grandma who loved to sit and watch the birds and deer from her rocking chair in her home. She brought color, creativity and inspiration into the lives of her family and friends.

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