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Prince Lorenzo de' Medici

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Prince Lorenzo  de' Medici Collage
Essence of History Collage
Mixed Media
32 x 48 in
$ 4,500

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Prince Lorenzo  de' Medici

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici

Prince Lorenzo de' Medici Statement

I celebrate my culture and history mainly through creating art on a daily basis. I keep my culture and history alive with the varying types of mixed-media paintings and sculptures that I create as an artist which reference or directly feature my Medici ancestors. Additionally, I travel extensively and often give keynote talks or speeches on the Medici around the world about their patronage of the high fine arts and sciences, their philanthropy, their history, their vision, their creation of luxury as a standard, and the power of the Medici bank and banking.

I believe all of these things inspire those looking to become visionaries or looking to be more successful in life. My mission is to bring the legacy of the Medici current into modern times, to keep our legacy alive, and to continue the philanthropic efforts of my family and ancestors in banking, science, the arts. It’s a big mission, but I feel honored to be able to be the one trusted with this mission. Through my “Renaissance Pop” art and its unique style, which has won many awards and for which I have been a special guest at Art Monaco and Miami Art Basel (and many other art events and platforms), I am working to keep the Medici legacy modern and relevant by reaching the new generations.

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