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Annie Meyer

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Annie  Meyer French Landscape VIII ___
French Landscape VIII
15 x 49 in
$ 1,080

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Annie  Meyer

Annie Meyer

Annie Meyer Statement

I consider myself a painter, but work in 3 different mediums: Painting (primarily oil and acrylic paintings), Oil monotype prints, and ceramic tiles.  My work has the same theme in each medium.

I am interested in the human figure, and abstract landscapes. I’ve drawn the figure since high school and work directly from a live model.

The landscapes come from places that I travel to paint each year. They are of specific places, but with minimal colors and shapes they are more emotional rather than factual in content. I attribute my affinity for minimal landscapes to growing up in the Midwest, staring out at farmland with a few lines and few trees.

My work has evolved into what I consider an abstract sense of time and place.  With it I aim to translate the sense of identity I feel with these landscapes and figures that are both from my childhood and myself today.

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