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Steve Tyree

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Steve  Tyree Cormorants
Fabricated Bronze
29 x 35 x 12 in

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Steve  Tyree

Steve Tyree

Steve Tyree Description

Steve Tyree was born in Modesto, California and spent eight of his childhood years in the islands of Hawaii and Guam, where his father painted as a freelance artist. Growing up Steve always enjoyed art and wildlife, which was reflected in his hobbies of woodcarving, photography and taxidermy.

Steve studied art for a short time while in college and then began filming wildlife an as amateur videographer, while working and traveling throughout the country with a dream to become a professional filmmaker.

In 1974, Steve began to sculpt small steel animals, using the welding skills he had acquired while working at his brother's auto body shop. Over time Steve began to develop his own techniques of fabricating his work from bronze sheets.

Today, each of Steve's sculptures is developed from sketches and maquettes made of clay, styrofoam and sometimes wire frames. Steve then works backwards from the model by making patterns from it onto paper. The paper patterns are traced onto bronze sheets and then cut out. In the final processes, Steve will bend, hammer and weld the pieces together. At the final point of creating his sculpture, Steve will grind the surface of the bronze to get the finish that he wants.

Steve's process of direct metalwork takes a little longer to sculpt, but he loves forging each piece of his art from beginning to end, and people enjoy the uniqueness of every sculpture.

Steve Tyree's goal with his art is to express his love and appreciation of nature and wildlife by evoking the inherent spirit of each bird and animal, capturing their grace and movement.

Today, Steve's sculptures are growing in popularity and have been exhibited in galleries, public art programs and fine art shows across the country and even the world.

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