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Mike  Smith Dreams of Flying
Dreams of Flying xxx
$ 2,500
Mike  Smith Goose with Knees___
Goose with Knees xxx
40 x 30 in
$ 1,500

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Mike  Smith

Mike Smith

Mike Smith Biography

Mike began drawing and creating sculptures when he was 2, in 1944. He was in several Washington State student shows until age 10 when he discovered baseball. He didn't draw anything again until age 25. 

In 1966 he was an English student on the GI bill. There were about 10 ex-soldiers at the university he attended. They would meet at a bar after classes. They were always broke. One childhood buddy remembered he did artwork in grade school and suggested that he paint something and hang it in the bar. He did, it sold. They all had beer money for their senior year.

He began painting seriously that year and worked for the next five years in abstract forms, almost minimal art. It started to become a dead-end for him. He has since tried to abandon any 'school' of painting. He has tried to maintain an autobiographical approach trying to work along a kind of 'biological signature' where everything is mental/physical fingerprint. He tries to find the even in the simplest lines. He likes to think of it as an affirmation of the value of each individual.

His subjects are most;y found in his backyard. The craziest thing that ever happened was being attacked by his neighbour's goat while he was working in his studio. He looked up and when he saw him he charged. Narrow escape.

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