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Mark Heimann

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Mark  Heimann Sun Bowl Blue
Sun Bowl Blue
12" dia x in
$ 110

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Mark  Heimann

Mark Heimann

Mark Heimann Statement

I utilize many techniques in the process of creating my work, and I use a wide range of clays, from gritty, iron-rich stoneware to blended porcelain.
I formulate and mix my own glazes (all lead-free) and apply them by brushing, pouring, dipping and spraying. 
The firing, which gives each piece strength and permanent color, is done in electric, propane, or wood-fired kilns – all with different effects on the finished products.

Where do I "get" my ideas? 
Inspiration comes from my experiences and adventures — a blend of indigenous, ancient and modern, east and west; Samurai, Viking, Buccaneer; travels in forest and desert, voyages on oceans, rivers, and tropical seas. Observations and conversations with animals, actors, artisans, alders, and anarchists. 
Simply living here, interacting with the domestic Lost Mountain zoo and the myriad of other wild neighbors including owls, coyotes, and ravens. Watching the stars and moon. I occasionally appear in movies and local commercials, as a character, player, voice, or "background".

Keeping eyes open, being aware, listening, and observing. Remembering that we all have two ears yet only one mouth....

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