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Cole Black

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Cole  Black Reflections of Blue
Reflections of Blue
Mixed Media
20 x 37 in
$ 2,600
Cole  Black Burgundy Wine
Burgundy Wine
Mixed Media
56 x 15 in
$ 2,800

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Cole  Black

Cole Black

Cole Black Description

Mixed Media Abstract Artist:

"Wall Sculptures"


Cole Black is a self-taught artist. She has been experimenting with textures and finishes since 1984. Through trial and error, she has perfected the techniques she uses to create her beautiful wall sculptures. Cole is always expanding her knowledge of different media through ongoing courses and workshops.

Cole has shown her work at such galleries as ACE Gallery, located in Seattle, Wahington and can now be seen at Lawrence Gallery in Sheridan, Oregon. Her sculptures were featured in the 2001 Designer Tour Home located in Salem, Oregon and 2001 Street of Dreams in Hillsboro, Oregon. She has a following of private collectors.



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