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J. Chester Armstrong

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J. Chester  Armstrong The Gift of Giving
The Gift of Giving
$ 3,300

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J. Chester  Armstrong

J. Chester Armstrong

J. Chester Armstrong Biography

J. Chester Armstrong was born and raised in Berkely California and in the 1960's, attended U.C. Berkeley and graduated with a degree in poetic theory and philosophy. Armstrong is a self taught artist with a "can do attitude". He helped run a YMCA camp at Spirit Lake, Washington, before Mt. St. Helen blew, in the early 70s and wanted to introduce the campers to Native American North West totem poles and masks. He couldn't find anyone to teach the class, so he took on the role of teacher himself and found he had a natural gift for shape and proportions. "I can "see" the forms in the raw logs. It is like Michelangelo says, "Just take away everything that doesn't look like "nine horses running"... And for the last forty years, chainsaws, grinders, and chisels in hand, Armstrong has done just that. "I'm hooked on wood sculpture."

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